Bikes at the University and in the City

Sheffield is a cycle friendly city with a very strong cycling community. The University provides bike sheds at most halls of residence, plenty of places to lock your bike around campus and cyclists’ showers around the campus. Sheffield is hilly, enabling you to practice for the BUCS Downhill event on your way to lectures with some ‘phat’ step hucking and bus racing, followed by BUCS Hillclimb training on the way home. Ace!

Bike parking near the Arts Tower
Bike parking near the Arts Tower

For more information the Cycle Forum provides a wealth of information about cycling in Sheffield and The University, including some excellent maps of cycle routes and locations to lock your bike.

If you’re interested in joining the cycling club, your primary concern is probably far more serious than a commuting bike and where to lock it during lectures…

Bikes and Halls of Residences

Riding within 10 minutes of the Uni Campus
Riding within 10 minutes of the Uni Campus

For a small deposit a key is available for covered bike sheds, but you will still need a good lock for your bike. There have been reports in the past of thieves breaking into these sheds, so caution and good locks are strongly advised.

For health and safety reasons the University does not allow bikes to be stored in halls of residence.

(However a friend of a friend did store his mountain bike in his room all year, keeping it tucked away out of sight during room inspections, and always cleaning it first. Worked a treat, apparently!)

Care and Cleaning of Your Bike

Cleaning your bike in halls
Cleaning your bike in halls

That wonderful Peak District grit or winter road salt is going to need washing off:
Outside taps are pretty much impossible to find in most halls, so best find yourself a bucket and a brush. Or we can make our way to a friendly second/third year’s house to make use of their hosepipe. Luxury!

It’s a good idea to bring some basic tools for maintenance, but your bedroom isn’t the best place to be setting up your full Park Tools workshop- however when you start renting a house in 2nd and 3rd year the cellars found in most Sheffield houses make great basement workshops…

Our Facebook pages is the first port of call to ask help from other members (any maybe borrow their basement workshop which a few of us have), and there are always plenty of knowledgeable people around to ask if you need assistance.