How do I join?

The only way to join is through the online system –


If there are any problems with this just contact us on cycling@shef.ac.uk

The Cost to join the club for the year is just £20. For this, you get special discounts and access to amazing trips, as well as free BUCS entries and discounted Spinning Classes.


Do I have to pay before I ride with the club?

You get the first 2 rides FREE to decide whether it’s for you, and then after that, we ask you to become a club member.


How do I know there’s a ride on?

The best way to double check on the respective Facebook group the day before – the ride leader will post up ride times and meeting points.

See the links on the left to join.


Can I store my bike in University Accommodation?

This is probably the most asked question and the answer is


– There are secure cycle sheds underneath the main flats at Endcliffe and Ranmoor, however, they are open to anyone with a bike so definitely lock it up whilst it’s in there.

–  Some people opt to store their bike in their room. The stairs are quite wide in Endcliffe/Ranmoor, and there’s enough space to store it in your room. Obviously, the University doesn’t want you to, but most of our members did in their first year anyway and moved them out for room inspections. We take no responsibility for any fines incurred by the university for recommending this…


Should I bring my bike to freshers week?


– We run the freshers ride on the first Wednesday of uni, so if you’re keen to get involved bring it along! A ride is the perfect hangover cure anyway, right?


I’m not a member of the University – Can I still join the club?


– as long as we have the correct ratios. We have to have the majority of the club as University members. You won’t be able to compete in BUCS or Varsity, however.