Gravity Orientated? You need to get out with our Downhill group…

We Ride

  • Wednesdays at 1.00pm at the Arts Tower
  • Sundays at 10.00am at the Arts Tower

As with all our rides, double check on the Downhill Facebook group for exact details


We ride mainly locally within riding distance,  go on trips once or twice a term, and compete in the BUCS Downhill Event.

Lloyd at Wharncliffe – Dan Hearn Photo

Local Riding

– Wharncliffe Woods

Wharny is about a 40-minute ride away and has around 12 main tracks of about 1 minute in length. It’s generally greasy, rocky, and steep, but has tracks ranging from medium difficulty to very difficult, and has some flatter runs too.

– Grenoside

Home of the infamous Steel City Downhill, (opposite to Wharncliffe woods (40mins)) has a number of flatter, easier runs for the beginner to intermediate downhill rider. If you’re into jumps, it has a few nice senders ranging from about 8ft to 20ft gaps!

– Bolehills Downhill

There’s a couple of tracks closer to home too – around 1.30 in length with a couple of road crossing, located around 15 minutes from university accommodation this is perfect for that revision break for a few runs. The main run is fairly easy, and the other track is a fair bit steeper in places.

Ed At Hamsterley –


We like to run a minimum of one uplift day a term – Normally at Hamsterley or Llangollen.

We are planning on having our freshers trip include Antur Stiniog and Snowdon hike-a-bike so keep an eye on the Facebook group!

BUCS Heckling –


We run a few races and take part in others including

BUCS Student Champs

This infamous event is the highlight of the calendar. THE best atmosphere at a race bar none. Heckling the full length of the track, whip-o-meters, vuvuzelas, the works.


Represent your university at Varsity- we encourage EVERYONE to compete at Varsity (something not offered by other clubs)

Mates Races

We run a few mates races in Wharncliffe/Greno throughout the year, and this is a great introduction to racing and definitely makes you push your riding!


We hope to see you out with us soon.