Committee 10-11

Sheffield University Cycling Club Committee 2010 – 2011

The committee is elected each year towards the end of the final term by a democratic poll involving every member of the club. Each position is hotly contested and there are high expectations for every committee member.

Each member of the committee is consulted before any decisions and regular committee meetings are held. If you have any suggestions for the club please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant person who will put your suggestion to the board at the next meeting. We are a very dynamic club and changes happen fast; your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

All the committee positions are listed below, with a short description of each person written by another committee member. There is also a short description of the general responsibilities of each position.


Henry ‘Yeti’ Marsh ~ Club Captain 2010 – 2011

As Club Captain, Henry ‘Yeti’ Marsh is ultimately responsible for everything that happens in the club- whether it be socials, trips, BUCS racing events, etc. He may seem friendly in person but when it comes to the running the club he means business and uses his experience as last years club secretary and his Financial Management skills to ensure the committees job is done.

Like the other members of the committee, his main task is to ensure that everyone has as much fun riding their bike as possible in a safe, social environment. It’s safe to say that Henry is a keen Downhill rider- after a month of riding lift assisted trails at the famous Whistler Mountain Bike Park this summer. He is not so comfortable, however, when it comes to pedalling a bike so few of you will get to meet him on the hillside. He will be at every social event this year, without fail, so at least his liver will be fit for copious consumption of alcohol!


Henry is responsible for the smooth running of the club, keeping us all organised and delegating tasks. He will organise the committee meetings and make sure all committee members have been consulted and are aware of any decisions and policies.

Robin Groves ~ Vice Captain – Cross Country 2010 – 2011

Robin is the cross-country vice captain, essentially this makes him the go to guy for anything on bikes that you can ride both up and downhills offroad.

Having only started cycling at the start of uni and having ruined 1 bike and used 5 sets of forks, Robin is renowned for his appetite for riding every single club ride in whatever weather, and even showing the roadies how it is done on his montain bike every now and again.

Always happy to lend a hand and thoroughly good all round guy, who keeps getting quicker and attitude to riding is infectous


Robin is responsible for organising cross country rides and ensuring there is a knowledgeable ride leader on every ride. As a vice captain he will also be assisting with the running of the club and policy decisions. Contact Robin if you have any questions regarding cross country riding.

John Albaya ~ Vice Captain – Road 2010 – 2011

Our very own ‘Pasha of the Peak District’. With his knowledge of the best lanes, villages and valleys, John is keen and experienced in leading the pack on his magical mystery tours in his local stalking ground. A powerhouse on the bike, enjoy the thrill and privilege of riding the Albaya-train as you take on the Derbyshire hills. John will use position as Road Captain to encourage and assist beginner and experienced riders alike, and is always willing to lend a helpful tip. However, don’t let the toned and lycra-clad body fool you: John is well known to enjoy having a chinwag and a joke whilst riding in the pack, and he isn’t shy of letting his wild-side show at the socials either…


John is responsible for organising all road rides and routes. As a vice captain he will also be assisting with the running of the club and policy decisions. Contact him if you have any questions regarding road cycling.

Ruari Hallam ~ Vice Captain – Downhill and BMX 2009 – 2011

Ruari Hallam is, for the second year running, the DH captain. He is a keen DH rider and racer, but is also often seen riding XC and 4x. He is a very fast rider and is looking to increase his racing experience and be one of our tops riders at BUCS events. Ruari will try and increase the participation in downhill both riding and racing, organising riders and is also looking to try and organise some local races aswell. Don’t buy him a beer though, it does not equate to his teetotal racer mindset!


Ruari is responsible for organising all things Downhill, and making sure riders know where they’re going before they point their bikes down the nearest hill. As a vice captain he will also be assisting with the running of the club and policy decisions. Contact Ruari if you have any questions regarding Downhill cycling.

Holly Thompson ~ Treasurer 2010 – 2011

Holly Thompson is not only our Treasurer but also a keen road cyclist and is willing to get dirty on her nearly new mountain bike as well. Holly balances the books and is responsible for making sure the cycling club stays out of the red. Holly is well suited to the role as treasurer as she is a Maths genius in her 3rd year and after leaving this year will become an accountant, so our money is in very safe hands.

Always up for a laugh, and with a large dosage of northern wit and determination Holly is always helpful, persuasive and will be getting on her Carbon Fibre Scott much more this year with future hopes of taking up triathlons. Don’t let the sensible accountant fool you though, she will be at all the socials this year.


Holly holds the purse strings of the club and makes sure we don’t blow our entire budget in the first week! She is the person to contact should you wish to claim expenses such as race entries, and who will chase you for your contribution to any events in which you participate.

Ed Thomsett & David Mitchell ~ Social Organisers 2010 – 2011


Ed and Dave are responsible for anything that happens during our social events…only joking! That would be too much responsibility for anyone to bear! But they will organise them and ensure they run smoothly. If you’ve got a brilliant idea for a social event don’t hesitate to contact them.

Nyle Howard ~ Secretary 2010 – 2011

If you ever need to know what’s going on in the club, Nyle is the person to ask. A member since his first week in Sheffield, he has made his presence felt on most of the XC club rides this year. Frequently spotted due to his bright orange transition, Nyle’s love of hills makes the peak district an ideal playground. If he isn’t acting as ride leader or planning another mammoth ride (Sheffield to Paris, anyone?) you might catch him reliving his youth on the BMX tracks, or more often trying to keep up with the DH riders on his hardtail.

Commitment to the club doesn’t end with just riding a bike, a staple at club socials and events; Nyle is keen to get more people out enjoying their bikes. Always willing to help and offer advice with any mechanical issues, we suspect he is trying to procure a road bike for winter riding.


As this years club secretary, Nyle’s biggest responsibility is running the club website, making sure the forums stay friendly and useful. He is a fountain of knowledge and always the first person go to with any club related questions or worries!