Committee 09-10

Sheffield University Cycling Club Committee 2009 – 2010

The committee is elected each year towards the end of the final term by a democratic poll involving every member of the club. Each position is hotly contested and there are high expectations for every committee member.

Each member of the committee is consulted before any decisions and regular committee meetings are held. If you have any suggestions for the club please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant person who will put your suggestion to the board at the next meeting. We are a very dynamic club and changes happen fast; your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

All the committee positions are listed below, with a short description of each person written by another committee member. There is also a short description of the general responsibilities of each position.


Michael Guliford ~ Club Captain 2009 – 2010

You’d struggle to find anyone more committed to the club than the captain, Mike. His enthusiasm for all types of cycling is apparent from his expanding range of bikes and his determination to encourage people of all abilities to get out there and give it a go.

Mike has built on his vast committee experience to become the captain, having managed our budget last year as the club treasurer.

It’s not unusual to see Mike on his way back from a ride in the Peak bloodied, muddied and battered due to his accident prone nature…but always with a smile on his face. And you should see him after a mountain bike ride!


Michael is responsible for the smooth running of the club, keeping us all organised and delegating tasks. He will organise the committee meetings and make sure all committee members have been consulted and are aware of any decisions and policies.

Eóin Elliott ~ Vice Captain – Cross Country 2008 – 2010

The “All Mountain Monster”. If you can’t go round it, can’t go under, just ride over it. One of the most dedicated riders in the club. If you plan a long ride he will always be the first one there even if its 7am on an icy December morning after pop tarts. Faster downhill on his battered Ellsworth hardtail with 80mm forks than a lot of people on 8″ DH bikes. I’ve never seen him walk up a hill yet!
But he does shave his legs?.


Eóin is responsible for organising cross country rides and ensuring there is a knowledgeable ride leader on every ride. As a vice captain he will also be assisting with the running of the club and policy decisions. Contact Eóin if you have any questions regarding cross country riding.

Helen Clayton ~ Vice Captain – Road 2009 – 2010

Helen is our very own ‘trackie’ and all round racing champ. She will be taking the yellow (and black) jersey for the club this year as the Road Captain. With over 10 years racing experience in road, track, orienteering, cyclo-cross and MTB racing, Helen will be there to encourage you with all aspects of racing, training and cycling on and off the road.

However if you are thinking your Road Vice Captain will be spending every evening on the turbo trainer you’d be wrong, she has the social skills like no other roadie, so you can expect to see her out on the club socials partying hard.

Helen is keen to get lots of people into road cycling and cares much about including new people in the club and encouraging them to enjoy riding their bikes.


Helen is responsible for organising all road rides and routes. As a vice captain she will also be assisting with the running of the club and policy decisions. Contact her if you have any questions regarding road cycling.

Ruari Hallam ~ Vice Captain – Downhill and BMX 2009 – 2010

DH Captain Ruari Hallam is one of the fastest and most passionate riders we’ve ever had in the club. This coming year he is lucky enough to control arguably the strongest dh line up in the club’s recent history. Ruari is aiming to increase the amount of downhill races the club’s members attend and thus spread the club’s name and give exposure to our potential sponsors.

Normally seen racing his ex CRC factory Intense Socom, Ruari is always out on one of his bikes and keen to help others improve their skills. Don’t buy him a pint though, beer does not equate into his racer mindset!


Ruari is responsible for organising all things Downhill, and making sure riders know where they’re going before they point their bikes down the nearest hill. As a vice captain he will also be assisting with the running of the club and policy decisions. Contact Ruari if you have any questions regarding Downhill cycling.

Ed Harris ~ Treasurer 2009 – 2010

Ed is keen, calm roadie, who has done many miles of touring and club riding. Ed will be playing Miss Money Penny for the club.

He’s a sociable road cyclist who isn’t only interested in hours of leg tearing miles in the peak district but is always happy to take it easy and have a chat. When it comes to the socials, you will find Ed is quite the party animal, espeically when it come to the lycra social.

Ed has the hard job of majicking money out of mid-air to keep the club in the black. If you are lucky enough you might even be able to try some of Ed’s amazing baking wonders.


Ed holds the purse strings of the club and makes sure we don’t blow our entire budget in the first week! He is the person to contact should you wish to claim expenses such as race entries, and who will chase you for your contribution to any events in which you participate.

Pip Trenholme ~ Social Organiser 2009 – 2010

Racer snob Pip Trenholme is well known throughout the club for his laddish behaviour and constant banter.

The Sam Hill fanboy will endeavour to organise some of the best nights out you have ever been on, including the infamous lycra social which he will finally pluck up the courage to attend this year.

When not riding he is normally talking about motorsports or telling you the stories about his mate with Super Monster Ts.


Pip is responsible for anything that happens during our social events…only joking! That would be too much responsibility for anyone to bear! But he will organise them and ensure they run smoothly. If you’ve got a brilliant idea for a social event don’t hesitate to contact him.

Henry ‘Yeti’ Marsh ~ Secretary 2009 – 2010

All round Yeti bike fan and self-confessed forum addict, ‘Yeti’ Henry Marsh, has a tough task ahead of him for the next year. He will be the man who sorts out all of the vital paperwork and will make sure the appropriate forms are signed in the correct places. He is therefore a vital member in the smooth running of the club and his work should be much appreciated by everyone.

In his spare time Henry will be on the forum answering all of your questions regarding anything bikes; from repairing your beloved two wheeled machine to what races and events are going on in the near future.

When not being misidentified as mythical Himalayan wildlife he will be trying to emulate Jared Graves on his Yeti DJ on both BMX and 4X tracks around the country. However, if on a foggy day in Wharncliffe you glimpse an apelike being making it’s way down on the aforementioned bike, don’t be too frightened as it is probably only Henry.


Henry is responsible for a wide range of tasks from communicating with club members to running the club shop. He moderates the forums, ensuring they’re a happy and useful place to visit!