Committee 08-09

Sheffield University Cycling Club Committee 2008 – 2009

The committee is elected every year towards the end of the final term by a democratic poll involving every member of the club. Each position is hotly contested and there are high expectations for every committee member.

Each member of the committee is consulted before any decisions and regular committee meetings are held. If you have any suggestions for the club please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant person who will put your suggestion to the board at the next meeting. We are a very dynamic club and changes happen fast; your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Simon Crossley ~ Club Captain 2008 – 2009

The previous year’s Vice Captain started mountain biking when he joined the cycling club in his first year. Now into his third year he has competed in all the BUSA cross country and downhill events and is one of the most enthusiastic and committed members of the club.

Simon rides in all weathers in the least appropriate clothing and yet doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of cold.

He is a super quick rider with lots of guts which can lead to the odd spectacular crash, but thankfully when he does manage to stay upright he has the bike handling skills to make him one of the fastest riders in the Peak District.


Simon is responsible for the smooth running of the club, keeping us all organised and delegating tasks. He will organise the committee meetings and make sure all committee members have been consulted and are aware of any decisions and policies.

Eóin Elliott ~ XC Vice Captain 2008 – 2009

The “All Mountain Monster”. If you can’t go round it, can’t go under, just ride over it. One of the most dedicated riders in the club. If you plan a long ride he will always be the first one there even if its 7am on an icy December morning after pop tarts. Faster downhill on his battered Ellsworth hardtail with 80mm forks than a lot of people on 8″ DH bikes. I’ve never seen him walk up a hill yet!
But he does shave his legs?.


Eóin is responsible for organising cross country rides and ensuring there is a knowledgeable ride leader on every ride. As a vice captain he will also be assisting with the running of the club and policy decisions. Contact Eóin if you have any questions regarding cross country riding.

Andy Steel ~ Road Vice Captain 2008 – 2009

Some say Andy was seen riding the Captain’s XC bike this year at Wharncliffe Woods…
Andy is best known for pounding up the hilly roads of the peak district. An experienced and successfull hill climbing, road racing and time trial cyclist. Andy has impressive endurance riding strength, with a PB of 253miles in a day. If you ever get Andy a drink chamomile tea would be preferred.


Andy is responsible for organising all road rides and routes. As a vice captain he will also be assisting with the running of the club and policy decisions. Contact Andy if you have any questions regarding road cycling.

Dominic Haines ~ Downhill and BMX Vice Captain 2008 – 2009

Dom will rarely turn down an invitation to ride downhill, dirt or XC. He’s a dedicated rider and has been known to do pre-lecture Bolehills and Peak District sessions. Dom has racing experience having raced the ‘Welsh Dragons’ as well as his local track, Aston Hill. He is rapid, but you’d be lucky to see him in lycra. Highlights of last year include organising the Wales and Scotland trips as trips sec, putting in spadework and styling the big line at the Dirtjam. He also loves Population and the Welsh.


Dom is responsible for organising all things Downhill and BMX, and making sure riders know where they’re going before they point their bikes down the nearest hill. As a vice captain he will also be assisting with the running of the club and policy decisions. Contact Dom if you have any questions regarding BMX or Downhill cycling.

Michael Guilford ~ Treasurer 2008 – 2009

Mike is well suited to the role of treasurer because he rides with all sides of the club and is a cautious penny wise kind of bloke!

Mike’s bikes, especially the sadly departed black mamba, are known for their eclectic mix of cobbled together parts. Mike is enthusiastic about riding in any weather and likes to plan grand tours of the area. He is known to be actively hoping to start an endurance side to the cycling club.


Mike holds the purse strings of the club and makes sure we don’t blow our entire budget in the first week! Mike is the person to contact should you wish to claim expenses such as race entries, and who will chase you for your contribution to any events in which you participate.

Kyle Graham ~ Trips Organiser 2008 – 2009


Kyle will be organising our various trips throughout the year, making sure not only that we’re able to get there but that we have somewhere to stay too! Contact Kyle to request any trips or for more information about up and coming trips.

Edd Wright ~ Races Organiser 2008 – 2009

Ed mostly rides up at Bolehills BMX track on his hardtail but when he pulls his finger out he heads up Wharncliffe or the Peaks to ride his downhill bike. Whatever he’s riding he’s always super smooth and fast, having placed high in the BUSA downhill and raced many dragons. This year we may even see him out on his new cross country bike gurning up the hills. In between riding he’s a dab hand with a spade and a camera and loves the cider.


Edd is responsible for the organisation and smooth running of race events. Contact him for information about the BUCS and other races that we enter as a club.

Katie Hegmann ~ Social Organiser 2008 – 2009

KT our “Extremes social secretary” girl. Not the only girl in the cycling club but sometimes it seems like that. She was trips sec in her second year with very memorable trips to Scotland and Wales and all super organized. KT is an experienced B.U.S.A racer, coming 3rd in the sport race in her first year and raced both XC and DH at Cwncarn. Looking forward to a year of Social events hopefully many including Drinking or bikes, maybe both?


KT is responsible for anything that happens during our social events…only joking! That would be too much responsibility for anyone to bear! But she will organise them and make sure they run smoothly. If you’ve got a brilliant idea for a social event don’t hesitate to contact her.

Andrew ‘Denni’ Dennison ~ Website and Communications Secretary 2008 – 2009

Andrew, although most people call him Denni, rides BMX, downhill and cross-country. He races downhill although fairly infrequently, preferring to enjoy a more relaxed approach to riding. He is one of a few post-grads in the club and has been the club secretary for the past two years. Now the website administrator.


Denni is responsible for keeping the website up to date and every club member informed. He moderates the forums, ensuring they’re a happy and useful place to visit! If you’ve spotted a broken link or problem with the website drop him an email.

Paul Commin ~ Sponsorship 2008 – 2009

Gnarly DH rider with large testicles. Will never push his DH bike up a hill, but has recently built up a XC bike and raced the Megavalanche this summer *. He is also a a postgrad and says he’s a ‘mature student’.
*did he actually race?!


The smooooth talking, ego polishing, corporate face of the Club. Paul keeps our sponsors happy and silkily encourages businesses to help with the financial upkeep of the club. Basically keeping Mike happy, whatever that may entail!