Committee 2018-19

Your Committee is the first port of call for any questions or information. If you have a suggestion for an event or have an idea that could be run by the club, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Eugene Cross – 07929359909

Rides: Orbea Orca
Preferred Beverage: Neepsend Blonde (found in the Blake Hotel)
Favourite Road/Trail: Blindside, Well worth going to see before a 9 am in winter.
Biggest Crash: Went over the handlebars and cracked my helmet in two on the velodrome once.
Best UOSCC moment: When four housemates and I all went on the Lycra social in matching team kit
Strengths: Being able to get up early to go out on my bike before lectures.
Weaknesses: Being too tired after my ride to bother going to lectures.



Jack Thompson – 07729183245

Rides: Road (CAAD12/C50)
Preferred Beverage: Belgium Blue
Favourite Road/Trail: Bradfield Beast 3 reps minimum
Biggest Crash: Unconscious for a few hours at Roubaix
Best UOSCC moment: Lycra Social
Strengths: Descending
Weaknesses: Ascending



Tom Stacey – 07496858515

Rides: Evil insurgent
Preferred Beverage: Drink water bro
Favourite Road/Trail: Dogs bollocks
Biggest Crash: BUCS downhill, got a side boob
Best UOSCC moment: Patsy’s multiple face slams
Strengths: Negative air
Weaknesses: Chuck Norris shot



Jim Caldwell – 07583470401

Rides: The kind that goes off road
Preferred Beverage: Aldi’s finest Taurus cider
Favourite Road/Trail: My local dirt jumps, can’t go wrong
Biggest Crash: Missed the 3rd corner in a chainless race, turned out to be the rockiest corner ever
Best UOSCC moment: Pulling a superman in qualifiers at BUCS or accidentally falling in a pond
Strengths: Breaking bike parts
Weaknesses: Harry Allinson



Josh Curtis 07415564751

Rides: CAAD12/10
Preferred Beverage: Coco-Milko
Favourite Road/Trail: Chew Road (Gravel Climb)
Biggest Crash: Into a wall at 30 mph
Best UOSCC moment: Varsity XC/TT/HC
Strengths: Half-wheeling
Weaknesses: Walls



Patrick Dodwell – 07989698502

Rides: Giant trance (sweet Daniella)
Preferred Beverage: A mix of 3/4 L Gordon’s gin and a can of carling
Favourite Road/Trail: Parkwood springs. JK anything in Wharncliffe is sick!
Biggest Crash: Smashed my face in on BMX. Knocked out and still have the scars!!
Best UOSCC moment: When I had to go to the Ozzie after an unofficial social for a ct scan (#weaponoftheyear)
Strengths: Pulling girls who are taller than me
Weaknesses: Pulling girls who are taller than me


Peter Higgins – 07710012408

Rides: Trek Emonda ALR
Preferred Beverage: Nutty Ambassador
Favourite Road/Trail: mam tor (
Biggest Crash: shattered hip going 5mph up a hill
Best UOSCC moment: getting a lift back to Sheffield from an old lady in Buxton Morrison’s
Strengths: leaning out
Weaknesses: the cold



Matt McCorry – 07714457645

Rides: Specialized Tarmac
Preferred Beverage: Bradfield’s Farmers Blonde
Favourite Road/Trail: Longstone Edge
Biggest Crash: Running out of road on ‘Deliverance’ in Strines
Best UOSCC moment: Varsity HC
Strengths: Cafe stops
Weaknesses: Speed



Emma Clarke

Rides: Track, Road, Cyclo-cross and MTB
Preferred Beverage: Cider
Favourite Road/Trail: Kirk Edge Road
Biggest Crash: Tripped over my own feet while dismounting and crash into the hurdle in a Cyclo-cross race
Best UOSCC moment: The November trip to Wales
Strengths: Sprints
Weaknesses: Any hill



Rob Telford – 07913534831

Rides: Colnago V2-R
Preferred Beverage:  Butty Bach
Favourite Road/Trail: Fiddlers Elbow or Colle delle Finestre
Biggest Crash: Totnes 2 Day, stage 2 crit at the bottom of a 15 man pile up
Best UOSCC moment: Winning the sprint for the Scotland border on Bummit 2017
Strengths: Eating
Weaknesses: Weight



Nic Clayton – 07894546568

Rides: Canyon Aeroad & a Planet X Track bike
Preferred Beverage: Once already bevved the £5 round goes down well
Favourite Road/Trail: Near Sheffield, its gotta be Beeley otherwise ‘Les 21 Virages de Briancon’ in the French Alps
Biggest Crash: Meeting a sheep at high speed at night on Ringinglow
Best UOSCC moment: Watching the Tour de Yorkshire in Bradfield
Strengths: Gettin’ real aero bro #aeroiseverything
Weaknesses: What is a ride over 25 miles



Harry Allinson – 07806480060

Rides: YT Capra/Dartmoor 26 Player
Preferred Beverage: In the immortal words of Mikey Pearman, “A pint of bitter for me please”
Favourite Road/Trail: Sheffield – Old Wharny
All-time – Pleny Black + secrets

Biggest Crash: On impact, shoulder dislocated, blew off the bars – double tomahawk scorpion
Best UOSCC moment: ❤️Every moment spent with UOSCC❤️
Strengths: Talking about bikes
Weaknesses: Riding bikes