Committee 2016-17

Your Committee are your first port of call for any questions or information about goings on. If you have a suggestion for an event or have an idea that could be run by the club, don’t hesitate to get in touch



Sean Davenport

Rides: Colnago Arte race bike, Trek 2.5 winter bike, Ridley X-ride, Charge fixie
Preferred Beverage: There are those of us that still dream of the £1 peronis in Basement, but nowadays a chocomilk from West Street live always hits the spot
Favourite Road/Trail: Descent of moor Road off the top of longstone edge, the magic triad of stunning views, twisty corners, and some sketchy cattle grids
Biggest Crash: Losing the front wheel and most of the skin on my right side descending the col d’Aspin in a thunderstorm
Best UOSCC moment: Varsity HC 2016
Strengths: Finding the yellow stickers in Morrison’s
Weaknesses: Session ale (google it)



Paddy Clark

Rides: Cannondale SuperSix Evo, Raleigh Winter bike
Preferred Beverage: Got to be Moonshine or a Jaega or two
Favourite Road/Trail: Toss up between A57 and Alpe D’Huez
Biggest Crash: Ilkley 2day race, hit the floor in the sprint at nearly 50mph still got top 10 though
Best UOSCC moment: Arriving in Glasgow after 240 miles of rain or Kieran’s post national HC antics
Strengths: Calves (apparently)
Weaknesses: Wine



Mikey Pearman

Rides: Specialized Enduro, Solid Strike
Preferred Beverage: Pint of Bitter for me
Favourite Road/Trail: In the UK, Revolution Bike Park.
Biggest Crash: Destroying my front wheel in a collision with a tree followed by my mate riding behind me running into my head.
Best UOSCC moment: Riding Peaty’s drop in the nude whilst being heckled by many many other naked UoSCC riders (for charity naked calendar competition may I add)
Strengths: Modest Personality
Weaknesses: N/A



Greg Brown

Rides: Banshee Spitfire, Identiti Krisis 4X
Preferred Beverage: Jaipur IPA
Favourite Road/Trail: Sgorr Ruadh Loop, Torridon – Scotland
Biggest Crash: A whip gone very wrong and a chunk of my forearm missing
Strengths: Rocky trails
Weaknesses: Peanut Butter



Jim Coates

Rides: Planet X Pro carbon
Preferred Beverage: Moonshine
Favourite Road/Trail: Strines
Biggest Crash: Binned it on Weardley just north of Leeds last summer
Best UOSCC moment: The atmosphere of varsity final day, victory at the hill climb and then ice hockey and roar to follow



Oscar Lewis

Rides: The one with the wheels
Preferred Beverage: Double EPO cranberry
Favourite Road/Trail: Any road, it’s all a journey.
Biggest Crash: When I got into Josh’s batmitzvah
Best UOSCC moment: What’s uoscc? Oh well that time I was club captain last year
Strengths: Slamming VS’s, slamming VK’s, slamming WKD’s, slamming J2O’s
Weaknesses: Crosswords -30HP


Tom Connery

Rides: Trek Emonda SL6, Trek 1.1, Raleigh Record ’84
Preferred Beverage: 10x Jagerbombs
Favourite Road/Trail: Corker lane
Biggest Crash:  Nothing too epic, riding along about 25kph, rider in front breaks, I hit the tarmac and scrape my knee pretty badly
Best UOSCC moment: TCGTHV!!! 116km and 2400m of climbing in one day! Varsity HC is a close second
Strengths: Pretty good at drinking, had quite a bit of practice at that
Weaknesses: Drinking too much



Cameron Taylor

Rides: Custom Steel Road Bike, Specialized Allez, Giant TCX, Steel Fixie, Scott Yecora.
Preferred Beverage: Moonshine
Favourite Road/Trail: Fiddler’s Elbow
Biggest Crash: Thought it was a good idea to ride a road bike round the bmx track after a few beers at Varsity. It wasn’t. Ended up in hospital with a mild concussion and a fractured wrist.
Best UOSCC moment: Watching stage 2 of the 2014 Tour de France on the Bradfield climb then racing up the same road 2 years later in Varsity hill climb.
Strengths: Reverse solo breakaways, riding whilst hungover and a 100% attendance record for UoSCC socials in 2015/2016.
Weaknesses: All day drinking sessions, bmx tracks and £5 rounds.



Sophie Hewitson

Rides: My Jamis Xenith Comp is my all year bike but my favorite has got to be my Scott Foil! I also have an old classic steel Peaugot with downtube shifters as a trusty commuter and occasionally ride my sisters beautiful Trek SLR when she lets me- absolute dream bike!
Preferred Beverage: Jägerbomb
Favourite Road/Trail: Ilkley to Bolten Abbey
Biggest Crash: Got knocked off by a car in first year outside Hallamshire Hospital and dislocated my shoulder, a good learning experience though that has hopefully made me a better and more aware cyclist.
Best UOSCC moment: Winning the varsity hill climb this year!
Strengths: Long steep hills
Weaknesses: Riding on the flat especially when solo, not much of an issue in Sheffield though as I only know one or two flat roads!



Kieran ‘Trumpet’ Savage

Rides: kinesis racelight T3, Scott Foil 2016 ultegra
Preferred Beverage: Westmaarle
Favourite Road/Trail: A168 – love it
Biggest Crash: not sure, the most detrimental have been crashing 300m from the line at the hatherleigh junior RR and crashing in the winning break in the tienen-oplinter kermesse
Best UOSCC moment: Grafting
Strengths: Rock hard abs
Weaknesses: Lying