Committee 2015-16

Committee 2015-16

Your Committee are your first port of call for any questions or information about goings on. If you have a suggestion for an event or have an idea that could be run by the club, give them bell!



Sam Taylor

Rides: Devinci Wilson, Commencal meta am hardtail, Specialized P1, Ribble 7005sl
Preferred Beverage: Risky 2nd £5 round at Basement
Favourite Road/Trail: Vajazzle, Wharny / Pleney Black, Morzine
Biggest Crash: Went over the bars at Bolehills, off the bike for 6 weeks pre Morzine Trip
Best UOSCC moment: 2 weeks in Morzine with a load of uni guys



Sean Davenport

Rides: Colnago arte, trek winter bike, charge plug fixie, Ridley cx bike
Preferred Beverage: 1 quid Peroni bottles in Basement
Favourite Road/Trail: Hourqette d’Anzican in the Pyrenees
Biggest Crash: Losing the front wheel on a wet hairpin descending the col d’aspin – luckily stopped by the crash barrier
Best UOSCC moment: 2014 Wales trip (or any social)



Sam Barnes

Rides: Norco Sight, Trek 5500
Preferred Beverage: Tanglefoot
Favourite Road/Trail: Devil’s Elbow
Biggest Crash: BUCS DH 2015, lost the front end and slid chest first into a tree
Best UOSCC moment: Christmas Roar with UoSCC



Matty Adams

Rides: YT Capra
Preferred Beverage: West St Live Choco Milko
Favourite Road/Trail: Dogs Bollocks, Sheffield / Best Kept Secret, Morzine
Biggest Crash: Either breaking my arm on Antur’s pump track, or otb on Truffle Shuffle leaving some sweet scars that were still bleeding at Pop Tarts later on
Best UOSCC moment: Probably getting naked on the first club ride for the calendar



James Bennett

Rides: Cannondale Supersix Evo, Giant TCR SL2
Preferred Beverage: Enough alcohol to make me forget the night
Favourite Road/Trail: Goyt Valley
Biggest Crash: Broken hip on A57 descent, hospital for metal insertion for 5 days, out for 10 weeks
Best UOSCC moment: Blasting down Pen-y-Pas with a tail wind on the Wales trip



Jim Coates

Rides: Planet X Pro carbon
Preferred Beverage: Moonshine
Favourite Road/Trail: Strines
Biggest Crash: Binned it on Weardley just north of Leeds last summer
Best UOSCC moment: The atmosphere of varsity final day, victory at the hill climb and then ice hockey and roar to follow



Andy Nichols

Rides: Planet X Superlight Al, Cannondale Flash,On-One 456evo, Dalkiia F-Zero, Ridely X-Fire, WeThePeople Arcade. Yes I have too many bikes.
Preferred Beverage: Coffee
Favourite Road/Trail: Curbar Edge
Biggest Crash: Two Frames written off in two years at the North Midlands Road Race League.
Best UOSCC moment: Riding in the Alps shouting “Ey Up!” to ever rider we passed.



Bethan Gaye

Rides: Harley Davidson
Preferred Beverage: Espresso martini
Favourite Road/Trail: The A30 to Cornwall
Biggest Crash: When I tried to commute on my road bike in flip flops cos I was feeling summery, fell off, banged my head, had a fit and woke up in hospital
Best UOSCC moment: Varsity hill climb



Archie Cross

Rides: Ciocc (church) Rydon, Kenisis Racelight TK3
Preferred Beverage: Moonshine
Favourite Road/Trail: Snake Pass/Mam nick, Sheffield / Mont Vontoux descent to Bedoin, France
Biggest Crash: Only crashed once, slipped on ice, not that rad
Best UOSCC moment: BUCS hill climb



Robert Leury

Rides: Nukeproof Pulse, Nukeproof Mega, Specialized P1
Preferred Beverage: Blood of my enemies
Favourite Road/Trail: Insanity
Biggest Crash:  When I broke my wrist in 2 places and had a whole lot of stitches
Best UOSCC moment: Falling asleep while still standing upright on the dance floor of basement being supported by bes and Archie