Committee 2014-15

Your Committee are your first port of call for any questions or information about goings on. If you have a suggestion for an event or have an idea that could be run by the club, give them bell!



Michael Caley

Rides: Orbea Orca M-Team
Preferred Beverage: Farmer’s Blonde
Favourite Road/Trail: The Goyt Valley near Buxton is incredible!
Biggest Crash:  Binned it down a slippery Croatian mountain on a hire bike with European brake set up…
Best UOSCC moment: As road captain last year leading the team to an absolute white-wash of the road events in Varsity 2013.



Joseph Drane

Rides: Felt F4
Preferred Beverage: A pint of bitter
Favourite Road/Trail: Curbar Edge
Biggest Crash: Taken out in a crash at the 2014 BUCS Road Race, sprung my AC joint, off the bike for 5 months
Best UOSCC moment: Seeing Rob Ellis on his bike, had to wait half the year, but it was well worth the wait.



Stefan Partridge

Rides: Specialized FSR, On-one Scandal, Cannondale CAADX
Preferred Beverage: Moonshine
Favourite Road/Trail: Devil’s Elbow
Biggest Crash: Jumble Road at 25mph, took all the skin off my forearms!
Best UOSCC moment: Pizza Hut Ride 2014



Tom Simpson

Rides: Giant Glory, Santa Cruz Blur
Preferred Beverage: Cider
Favourite Road/Trail: Mini whistler in wharncliffe
Biggest Crash: Went over the handle bars on a BMX track and shattered my elbow
Best UOSCC moment: Llangollen uplift day last year; So fun getting real muddy and loose



Emily Thoday

Rides: Trek Madone 4.5, Giant Omnium, Whyte 806
Preferred Beverage: White wine or Espresso
Favourite Road/Trail: Any Velodrome
Biggest Crash: Nice forward role over the bonnet of a car in a TT, left a lovely dint!
Best UOSCC moment: BUCS XC. My first proper xc race and probably the muddiest I have ever been



Zach Smith

Rides: Koga Kimera
Preferred Beverage: Ale
Favourite Road/Trail: The Strines
Biggest Crash: Decked it around Manchester Velodrome on UoSCC trip
Best UOSCC moment: Finishing the UoSCC race against BUMMIT from Sheffield to Brighton



Matthew Brown

Rides: Trek 1.2
Preferred Beverage: John Smiths of course
Favourite Road/Trail: Newlands and Honister loop
Biggest Crash:  Managed to stay upright so far, no ‘rad’ crashes
Best UOSCC moment: Competing in BUCS hill climb last year, the support from UOSCC was brilliant



Joshua Bird

Rides: Onone 456 Carbon
Preferred Beverage: Coffee or the occasional Gordon’s Gin
Favourite Road/Trail: Blackamoor
Biggest Crash: Snowdon 2013 dislocated shoulder
Best UOSCC moment: Ben Whites “three minute” speech at the 2012 AGM


Sam Taylor

Rides: Lapierre Zesty, Ribble 7005sl
Preferred Beverage: Risky 2nd £5 round at Basement
Favourite Road/Trail: Sheepskulls Downhill
Biggest Crash: Nothing serious yet, hit by a car and wrote off my old £5000 road bike though. Not ideal.
Best UOSCC moment: Middle of the field finish at BUCS XC on a heavy 140mm full sus



Andrew Nichols

Rides: Planet X Superlight Al, Cannondale Flash,On-One 456evo, Dalkiia F-Zero, Ridely X-Fire, WeThePeople Arcade. Yes I have too many bikes.
Preferred Beverage: Coffee
Favourite Road/Trail: Curbar Edge
Biggest Crash: Two Frames written off in two years at the North Midlands Road Race League.
Best UOSCC moment: Riding in the Alps shouting “Ey Up!” to ever rider we passed.