Committee 13-14

Your Committee are your first port of call for any questions or information about goings on. If you have a suggestion for an event or have an idea that could be run by the club, give them bell!



Dave Camus

Rides: Nukeproof Mega / Dartmoor 26player

Preferred Beverage: A bit of real Ale goes down a treat.

Favourite Trail: Wharncliffe is just the best place, always something new and difficult to ride.

Biggest Crash: Had a large one at Fort William a few years ago on the big hip under the Gondola, highest speed crash ever…

Best UOSCC moment: Winning Downhill Varsity last year, only Ross saw the amount of stoke I had at the bottom of that run.



Michael Caley

Rides: Orbea Orca SFR

Preferred Beverage: Irn Bru (with quad vod if at corp)

Favourite Ride: Around the reservoirs near Strines, North West of Sheffield.

Biggest Crash: Never had a major crash – touch wood – but was nevertheless awarded ‘Crash/Weapon of the Year’ for 2012/13 for getting stranded for hours in the Peak mid-winter after a ridiculous mechanical!

Best UOSCC moment: Placing 3rd in the 2013 Varsity TT amongst the uni’s sponsored riders.



Ross Phelps

Rides: Cannondale Prophet / Iron Horse Sunday / Dartmoor TwoSix Player / Specialized Tarmac / Genesis Vapour CX

Preferred Beverage: Basement Special: Pint of Jagerbomb

Favourite Trail: Ranmoor/Wyming Brook, Super techy cross country at its best.

Biggest Crash: In Wharncliffe, on Snatch Grab, fractured my kidney (yes that is a thing!). Spent a week in hospital, and 8 weeks off uni. Glad I didn’t follow the advice: ‘be ‘reet, just walk it off’.

Best UOSCC moment: As president last year the best moment has to be winning Club of the Year! Just shows all the hard work put into the club pays off.



Lloyd Woolacott

Rides: Iron Horse Sunday / Orange Five / Dartmoor two6player

Preferred Beverage: Real ale

Favourite Trail: Snowdon

Biggest Crash: Small slide on  a corner at Parkwood. Ended up in hospital being told id broken both wrists.

Best UOSCC moment: Downhill  BUCS this year was an amazing weekend of sun, beer, bikes and heckling. Never ridden a track with so much noise!



Abi Legge

Rides: Dialled Holeshot

Preferred Beverage: Hot chocolate! Only the “real” stuff, made with milk and either Chocolat Poulain or Green&Blacks Organic….

Favourite Trail: Kinda hoping that I’ll have broadened my horizons a bit by the end of the year but, so far the trail I have enjoyed the most has to be when I went to Llandegla. Closer to home though, I reckon some of the flowy singletrack xc round Grenoside.

Biggest Crash: Got to be when I thought it would be a good idea to try Hamsterley 4x track after only learning how to ride a bike 5 weeks previously, (really don’t advise this) never been in so much pain or so bruised. Still raced the day after though!

Best UOSCC moment: When we won Club of the year! Also amused me when I got asked “are you the token female…?”


Rob Ellis

Rides: Scott Addict R4 Upgrade

Preferred Beverage: Cheap and cheerful Carlesberg 

Favourite Ride: Buxton Loop via Caslteton

Biggest Crash: Making the schoolboy error of stopping my Garmin crossing the line at a TT and stacking it AOT into a bush

Best UOSCC moment: Winning Club of the Year, Varsity and watching Joe Drane vomit at the top of Winnats Pass. Oh, and winning Club of the Year.



Joe Drane


Rides: Felt F4

Preferred Beverage: A pint of bitter

Favourite Ride: Riber Road climb out of Matlock

Biggest Crash: Came off on some gravel on a corner in 2/3 race, wouldn’t call it “big” at all, little bit of road rash on my shoulder, nothing special.

Best UOSCC moment: Seeing Rob Ellis on his bike, had to wait half the year, but it was well worth the wait.



Sam Reeve

Rides: DMR Trailstar / Iron Horse Sunday / Koxx Levelboss / Holdsworth retro Rodie

Preferred Beverage: Decent larger / anything if you down it fast enough

Favourite Ride: Wharny

Biggest Crash: Breaking collar bone on the last run at Caersws on a 100mm Claude Butler XC bike

Jonny Chorley

Rides: Trek Fuel EX8 / Kona Stinky (Operator) / NS Suburban

Preferred Beverage: Morgan’s spiced with coke/lemonade

Favourite Ride: Wharncliffe/Greno, always has something to offer whenever you feel like riding

Biggest Crash: High speed crash out in Les Gets, tried a cheeky overtake and rode straight into a ditch.Few achy ribs and lots of expensive bike damage!

Best USOCC moment: BUCS in general is always an amazing weekend, and of course winning club of the year


Iain Thompson

Rides:  Cotic Bfe (Aka Indigo) / Orange P7 (Aka Roxanne)

Preferred Beverage: Rum and ginger beer, a milkshake or just some good old cold water

Favourite Ride: Rangers path down Snowdon, Mam Tor when riding in the Peak

Biggest Crash: I’ve has my fair share of offs, resulting in but flesh wounds but nothing major… so far

Best USOCC moment: Weekend trip to Wales, loads of good riding and pretty decent company too come to think of it!