Committee 12-13

Sheffield University Cycling Club Committee 2012 – 2013

The committee is elected each year towards the end of the final term by a democratic poll involving every member of the club. Each position is hotly contested and there are high expectations for every committee member.

Each member of the committee is consulted before any decisions and regular committee meetings are held. If you have any suggestions for the club please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant person who will put your suggestion to the board at the next meeting. We are a very dynamic club and changes happen fast; your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

All the committee positions are listed below, with a short description of each person written by another committee member. There is also a short description of the general responsibilities of each position.


Ross Phelps ~ President 2012 – 2013

El Presidente. Having the reached the minimum requirements for being the club president by having a bike workshop in your basement, owning a least 4 different types bikes and studying mechanical engineering, no one is better suited to being the head for all things two wheeled. Hand him a keg of mutzig however, and he’ll be off dancing in basement with a tiara on getting seriously rad. Ross Phelps is your president for the year.

  • Hometown: Harrogate
  • Favourite beverage: Pint of Jagerbomb
  • Favourite Trail/Road: Ranmoor
  • Best moment last year: Manning up and hitting the black shore and step up at chatel.
  • Biggest Stack: Fractured kidney last year on snatch grab in Wharncliffe


John Inman ~ Cross Country Captain 2012 – 2013

What to say? Having learnt his trade in the rolling hills of the Midlands, he’s now more at home bombing through the Peak District, or his favourite place in the world – the Alps. Cool as a refrigerated cucumber, there’s very little in the world that can shake this guy. Get a few Jägerbombs down him however, and you may see a different side to this usually quiet fella. He’s your Cross-Country Captain for 12-13… It’s John Inman.

  • Hometown: Oakham, Rutland
  • Favorite Beverage: Jagerbomb
  • Favourite Trail/Road: Devils Elbow or Dore 1
  • Best moment from last year: Slaying it down Snowdon
  • Biggest stack: Alps this summer, too fast into a corner and went straight into a tree.


Robert Rickets ~ Road Captain 2012 – 2013

Rob is your road captain for the year and has acquitted himself well for the role, after ironing out a few imperfections along the way- ask him about the time he ran out of tubes and hitched home from the peaks. Such is his commitment to the cycling cause he has been known to purchase new wheels just to avoid missing a UOSCC ride, and has bought enough UOSCC kit to put himself on the verge of bankruptcy. In just a year of cycling he has completed LEJOG, ridden over 200 miles in a single day, won a road race and displayed an exemplary taste in lycra on many a social. Once you have known him for a while you will ask yourself, is this really the guy that crashed face first into a Welsh bush on a gentle downhill corner?

  • Hometown: Bexley, London/Kent
  • Favourite Beverage: Rum
  • Favourite Trail/Road: Froggat
  • Best moment from last year: Cycling home for Christmas, Sheffield to London
  • Biggest stack: Wales trip 2011. To much speed into a blind corner equals front flip into a bush, narrowly avoiding iron gate.


Lloyd Woolacott ~  Downhill Captain 2012 – 2013

Following on from last years Downhill captain, Danny Whitehead, Lloyd follows the trend in turning up to all rides hungover. Lloyd is continually short of money, and notorious for bad bike maintenance, but this year he is your downhill captain, shame his downhill bike currently has no shock… lucky he has one redeeming feature, he’s a pinner downhill.

  • Hometown: York
  • Favourite beverage: John Smith’s
  • Favourite Trail/Road: Off-piste Pleny
  • Best moment of last year: Landing back flips for the first time
  • Biggest stack: Never crashes (bull shit)


Christopher Batts ~ Treasurer 2012 – 2013

The details of my life are quite inconsequential … Very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a 15-year-old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet.

  • Homtown: The Manor
  • Favourite Beverage: Port
  • Favourite Trail: Hannah
  • Best moment of last year: Driving my car over Stanage
  • Biggest Stack: Stubbed my toe on my bike in halls, usually have a bigger room.


Jake Lane ~ Social Secretary 2012 – 2013
  • Hometown: Wareham, Dorset.
  • Favorite Beverage: mines a pint its the perfect recovery fluid full of complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals all you need at the end of a hard day in the saddle.
  • Favorite Trail/Road: D25 between Mijanès and Ax-Les-Thermes taking in the col de Pailhères.
  • Best moment of last year: Varsity from the hill climb to the ITT ending in an epic night out. Uni may have lost due to football but UOSCC desimated hallam.
  • Biggest stack: Back wheel getting taken out by a Honda Civic.


Rob Ellis ~ Secretary 2012 – 2013

This year’s queen of paperwork and general club diva is Rob Ellis. You’ll often catch Rob fratanising with the enemy (High Peak) or training for his next triathlon or better glued to TV for which ever bike race is happening that week. However on rare occasion you may in fact see him out on his road bike, and once he’s finished telling you about how he did HALF an iron man, you’ll find he’s not a bad guy to have around.

  • Hometown: Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire
  • Favourite Beverage: Chocolate milk
  • Favourite Trail/Road: A57 down to Ladybower
  • Best moment of last year: Completing Iron Man 13.7
  • Biggest Stack: TT finish line crash


Nicky Shaw ~ Womens Officer 2012 – 2013

Having completed her undergraduate degree in Architecture, Nicky has moved back home temporarily, sadly leaving behind the privilege of having the peaks right on her doorstep. However, she is an avid road cyclist and hasn’t abandoned the cycling club, taking on the role of Women’s Officer.
Having cycled from Lands End – John O’Groat’s last summer, Nicky is looking forward to more endurance challenges and races in 2013. She has recently joined the newly formed Biketreks Women’s Team, based in Manchester.

To encourage more women to take up cycling in the peaks, and not be intimidated by those lycra clad guys with Armstrong legs (not suggesting that we dope!).
To promote the opportunities for women specific races in the 2013 season; BUCS and British Cycling events.
She also offers 1 – 1 cycling sessions, for those less confident cycling in a group, or who just fancy some company on a ride.


Sam Reeve ~ Trip Organiser 2011 – 2013

Known for his ‘off the brakes’ attitude, and the scaring of spectators on a downhill track. If he’s not got injured (which seems like most of the time) he’s ragging his trailstar anywhere the wind may take him. He’s helping with organising all of your many trips this year with pint/strawpedo in hand, Sam Reeve is the trip sec for this year.


Alex Kohnert ~ Fundraising and Charity Coordinator 2012 – 2013

Who better to take up the post of Charity and Fundraising Secretary than a man who has summited the Highest mountain in Europe, completed the Hell on the Humber Endurance marathon and completed a triathalon all in the aid of charity? Although lacking in the speed department when it comes to riding down mountains, he’ll be sure to have a crack at riding up them. Watch out for his drunken antics on socials and mad physical challenges he will talk you in to (probably at the same time), Alex is your Fundraising and Charity coordinator for the year.

  • Hometown: Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • Favourite Beverage: Beer. Any type.
  • Favourite Trail/Road: Little track that runs above Chamonix in the Alps called “Petit Balcon Sud” – got some of the most beautiful set’s of views of I’ve ever seen.
  • Best moment from last year: The Lee Quarry trip by a mile. Biking through snowdrifts and over ice was about as far from my comfort zone as is humanly possible, but stupidly fun.
  • Biggest stack: Took some non-biking mates out in France, got lost and ended up on a sketchy fire-road made almost entirely of razor blade-sharp rocks. Absolutely ripped myself to shreds after going over the bars and twisted my knee almost out of the socket – it’s still paying me back for that one!


Joe Drane ~ Webmaster 2012 – 2013

Master of all things “copy and paste”. When he’s not keeping the club website updated, you’ll occasionally catch him out on his road bike, that is if he manages to catch up after being 45 minutes late…

  • Hometown: Chichester, Sussex
  • Favourite Beverage: Ale
  • Favourite Trail/Road: Man Tor
  • Best moment from last year: Turning up to a ride on time
  • Biggest Stack: Failing to jump onto a curb on the ride to Brighton