Committee 11-12

Sheffield University Cycling Club Committee 2011 – 2012

The committee is elected each year towards the end of the final term by a democratic poll involving every member of the club. Each position is hotly contested and there are high expectations for every committee member.

Each member of the committee is consulted before any decisions and regular committee meetings are held. If you have any suggestions for the club please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant person who will put your suggestion to the board at the next meeting. We are a very dynamic club and changes happen fast; your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

All the committee positions are listed below, with a short description of each person written by another committee member. There is also a short description of the general responsibilities of each position.

Committee on a social

Danny (Downhill Captain), Dave (Captain), Jerome (Road Captain), Duncan (Secretary) and Andy (Treasurer) on a social

Dave Camus ~ Club Captain 2011 – 2012

‘Big Balls’

Published in magazines taking chicken lines, he’ll never back down from a technical challenge for fear of it happening again. Loving beeps and bangs as much as all things two wheels Dave can be found most tuesdays with other club members throwing shapes through to the early morning, providing an appropriate warm up for the weekly wednesday ride!

Robin Groves ~ Vice Captain – Cross Country 2010 – 2012

‘The Sex Pistol’-
Robin is the smoothboss of the XC world, taking the peak district by storm. His quiet demeanor hides his massive passion for riding bikes- he knows the Peak District better than you know your own mother. Who better to have as XC Captain for another year running!


Jerome Jacob ~ Vice Captain – Road 2011 – 2012



Jerome is a totally “rad” guy who really knows how to whip up a storm whether its Karaoke night, a casual meal, or while blitzing the roads around Sheffield. Jerome loves to get people involved – especially in Road riding as roadie captain – but all in all Jerome is a seriously smooth guy, even smoother than his legs – and they are silky. If there is a rare silence during conversation with JJ just ask him – “Where is the love?”


Danny Whitehead ~ Vice Captain – Downhill 2011 – 2012


Named for obvious reasons, this shaggy haired sly dog is always the one to arrive late to a ride with a heavy hangover, although always chirpy and willing to chat bikes. His finest moment has to be the ‘pube grinder’ crash at BUCS 2010, taking going over the bars to a whole new level. Leaning back and holding on on a hill near you, Danny is your DH Captain for this year

Andy Cater ~ Treasurer 2011 – 2012

‘The Caternator’

This quiet machine of a man is often seen blasting round the peaks with the likes of Ben Swift, although they find it hard to keep up with THE CATERNATOR. 200km BMX rides is a regular thing, and he doesn’t even breaking into a sweat. Rumour has it that he can’t afford a train home at the end of a semester, so being the hardman he is, he rides it. Handy with the finances and the long distances, The Caternator is the treasurer for this year.

Chris Davey ~ Social Organiser 2011 – 2012


If you’re female, you probably know him already, and if you’re lucky- intimately. If you’re male then he’s our rather handy social sec, winning the club the prestigious “club of the week” award by achieving the impossible; A joint social with netball. When he appears from his bedroom with a hefty hangover and a top bird, he’ll head to wharncliffe where you may see him hurtling, out of control down a hill, clipping trees and unintentionally sending gappers. Although we have to share him with econsoc, club fun off the bike is credit to this man!

Duncan Philpott ~ Secretary 2011 – 2012

‘Drunkan Sexpott’
You’ll recognise this slender chap by the contraption attached continuously to his face, that is his pride and joy, his camera. When he isn’t being Steve Peat’s favourite professional photographer (true as a matter of fact) he will be dragging one of his many bikes out of the playboy mansion for some good old peak district action. Moaning his way to your heart and bed, Duncan is your secretary for this year.

Clara Sandelind ~ Womens Officer 2011 – 2012

In between marathon running, triathlon planning, jet setting and pretending to do a PhD Clara also finds time to lead the occasional ride and whip the women’s team into shape. Bear in mind she only knows the way to Bakewell and seems to enjoy 7am interval sessions in the basement and you won’t go far wrong with the lovely Clara.

Sam Reeve ~ Trip Organiser 2011 – 2012


Single and ready to mingle, this hardtail hero will stop at nothing to get in the nearest females pants. Known for his ‘off the brakes’ attitude, and the scaring of spectators on a downhill track. If he’s not got injured (which seems like most of the time) he’s ragging his trailstar anywhere the wind may take him. He’s helping with organising all of your many trips this year with pint/strawpedo in hand, Sam Reeve is the trip sec for this year.

John Inman ~ Fundraising Coordinator 2011 – 2012


Last seen heading towards betsw-coed, this smooth operator pilots his enduro around the peaks with ease. Occasionally seen leaning back and holding on at mates races in wharncliffe, John will have a crack at anythign put in front of him, and is a all round nice guy to boot. He’s eventually going to do some fundraising (we’re skint!), It’s John Inaman.