Jubilee Food bank visit

Jubilee food bank is a small charity which aims to feed and support some of the poorest and most vulnerable in Sheffield. Food is donated to the charity by supermarkets, shops and individuals. In order to ‘qualify’ for a food parcel, the case must be referred to the food bank by a healthcare professional. Volunteers then make up a food parcel tailored to the needs of the recipient(s) which are taken to their home. Each parcel contains 3 days’ worth of food and the all the components for a healthy diet, as well as baby food etc. if necessary. They run a weekly cookery class by providing ingredients free of charge and an open the kitchen for those in need. Volunteers help and supervise at this event.

By taking the food directly to the home, the volunteers provide food and support to the people in need. Often the human interaction is as important as the food.

The money we donate goes towards the running of renting cost the rooms (which are kept to a minimum) and food; because they are dependent on supply and demand, the food bank sometimes does not have enough donated food.

The total running cost of the charity is £6000 a year. Last year we donated 1/6 of that, this year we’re hoping for 1/3. Please help us reach this goal by donating. Thanks!

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