UOSCC goes Dirt Jumping


A dirt jumper seems to be somewhat of a rare beast in the University of Sheffield Cycling Club. Yes there are some people who hit up Bolehills BMX track (a mighty fine bmx track it is) but its not quite got the glamour and skill of dirt jumping, or as its properly known ‘Trails’


In light of this drought of Dirt Jumpers, I thought it was high time we took them from the BMX track and made them ride proper jumps. With Gaps. Travel-lodges were booked, cars were filled with fuel, and 6 of us set off in search of big gappers, knarly tricks and loose riding.

In our motley crew were Myself and Lloyd (who have both ridden trails extensively throughout revision period- highly recommended) and 4 not so seasoned dirt jumpers- Danny, Mike, Ross and Jonny. None of these 4 had really ridden anythign substantial in the way of dirt jumps, and it was high time to learn and dial their skills.

Lloyd getting on with the big set at chicksands

First stop was Chicksands, in the boiling heat of 33 degrees. The bikepark near bedford has loads of things to play on, a 4X track, dual slalom, pumptrack, mini downhill, and of course dirt jumps. This was a great place to muck about and hone skills, and by the end of the day most of the newbies were getting through the middle sized set of dirt jumps.

Ross tackling the first in the middle set

We also were loving the 4x track, drifty loose long berms were the order of the day, great for photos!

Jonny drifting it on the 4x track

Ross overcooking it

After hot night in a travel-lodge (I’m talking temperature here!- had to have cold baths to keep cool haha) it was onto Woburn Sands, home to some ridiculous jumps.

Top Line at Woburn- scary!

The main line started out small and got bigger as it dropped into the final bowl, providing  some opportunity to take hands off and other such silly antics.

Danny on main line

Lloyd on the last in mainline

A game of B-I-K-E got underway on a juicy stepup(if you’re unfamiliar with that, it’s the same as the game S-K-A-T-E in tony hawks pro skater!) Everyone was learning new tricks, and I got a high level of stoke and sent my first backflip to dirt! Wild times.

1st backflip to dirt!

At the end of the day though, pretty much everyone got through the main line at Woburn looking in control and pretty stylish for the most part! Definitely a successful weekend for everyone- Hope we can do another dirt jump trip soon!

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