UOSCC + Friends do Morzine!

Ok, so before I start I must stress this technically isn’t a UOSCC organised trip (that would mean endless amounts of paperwork, and Andy Cox having a small heart attack)- This is a trip I organised for a group of mates I met in UOSCC and friends of friends in UOSCC. If I hadn’t joined the club I definitely wouldn’t have had a holiday this awesome. Seeing as I still have an account on here I thought I’d do a little write up of what we got up to..

If you don’t know me, I’m Dave Camus and was club captain last year- currently out on placement enjoying the life of getting paid. In march I decided I’d have enough of the UK’s horrendous weather and hatched a plan to escape these shores in search of chairlifts and sun. 2 weeks in morzine was the plan, and it soon all fell together with a load of people eager to come and join in the fun.

So after boarding a Easyjet flight to Geneva, and getting a transfer over to Morzine late at night, we crashed out in our 2 chalets, excited for the 2 weeks of riding ahead of us.

Up early at 8, and straight to the lift queue the first Sunday morning- to our disappointment the main Pleney lift was shut (the main lift in morzine) so we had to use the service lift for the first week, which was painfully slow and induced hour long queues on a morning to get out to Les Gets.

So the first 5 days or so was spent just riding Les Gets bikepark- a very small portion of the Portes du Soleil area. However it had been renovated over the spring and all the track were prime, and there was plenty of ‘off piste ‘ (off the main marked track on the hill) to go at.

Ross and Sam on Chavannes

High stoke levels on the lift

The main tracks on Les Gets were an abundance of berms, jumps and more berms- nothing too taxing but you could just go as fast as you wanted. The Kona Bikepark on the other side of Les Gets provided something a tad more challenging- a run of sizeable double jumps and wallrides. Definitely a highlight of the first week.

Russ tackling the stepdown on Kona Bikepark run

For many of the riders on trip, this was their first time riding abroad, and for Ross Phelps (this years club captain) was his first time riding downhill. Since we were out one morning (hungover) I decided to teach Ross to wallride- he took like a duck to water.

Ross learns to wallride!

Before we came out we had a few ideas as to spice up the holiday- one such was ‘Wifebeater Wednesday’, in which we wore vests all day, with which came some funny looks and a fair few laughs as the arms came out for the Morzine sun.

Tom rocks the wifebeater with style


Another one of these ideas was ‘Lycra Thursday’- peaks were hurriedly taken off and the most horrendous beer stained lycra (from previous lycra socials) came out. This was the day Pleney lift finally opened so we hit up some of the steepest trails so far… in lycra. It’s just how UOSCC rolls.

After proving our manliness on the slopes of Pleney, we headed over to Les Gets to show off our lycra in the busy Bikepark. A few laps later and it was time for a dip in the lake, and a boxer run down to the bottom to cool off….

Russ rocking the backward peak

Chorley getting his arse out 'for the lads'

The day after and it was time for Fowles and Reeve to depart from the trip (Reeve with a snapped fork after letting go of it down Slayer, one of the steepest things I’ve ever seen..) and we headed over to Chatel, home of the mountainstyle and other such large jumps. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Lloyd on the black shore in Chatel

Russ on a black run in Chatel- it was a lot steeper than it looks!

Stepup at Chatel.

A few days after we headed to Linderet to check out something a bit more close to home- some rocky technical trails that you really had to work to keep speed on- the tacky dirt made the rocks super greasy and difficult to ride.

Danny dropping in at Linderet

Jonny loves a good muddy rut

The final week the weather started to turn, and greasy Pleney runs were the order of the week. It rode so well in the wet and you were able to keep loads of speed on whatever the surface. After my bike destroyed a mech, i decided to go chainless for the rest of the holiday, and a few joined in on the chainless fun.

Tom on the offpiste on Pleney


My typing fingers are aching now so I’m going to stop- there were many more tales from this holiday but maybe they’re best left as stories to tell. I’ll leave you with the 2 main edits from the holiday.

Until next year!

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