UOSCC does Lee Quarry

The 2nd part of this weekend double trip was Lee Quarry XC trails- with warns of snowy tracks we were a bit dubious about going, but figured we’d still have a fun time whatever the weather!

Getting out of the carpark up the hill was interesting, a river of sheet ice awaited us, and epic challenge arose to how far you could get up it without binning it- smooth cadence and minimal turning was the key!

We soon hit proper trails, with them being covered in a layer of ice and snow. Going was slow to start, and then eventually the snow and ice subsided slightly so everyone could pick up a bit of speed and really start to enjoy the trails.

We then found the small freeride area, with a number of small downhill style trails to play on- it seemed that on most of these the snow and ice had gone so a lot of time was spent here playing on them. Properly good fun, berms and jumps galore, pumping for speed.

UOSCC does Lee Quarry on pinkbike.com

Lee quarry is definitely somewhere UOSCC want to go again, albeit without the snow and ice!

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