Urban X 4.1 Report

Yet another mates race in Wharncliffe! Competing in the last Urban X race was a right good laugh, so I tried to get a few uni LADS on the bandwagon and go to tear it up!

The 8.30 start was a killer, with Myself, Harry ‘HT Sauce’ Tate, Arthur Kershaw, Danny ‘4some’ Whitehead and my little hardtail ripper brother Joe Camus all meeting at the Arts Tower. All apart from me in fact were reppin hardtail pride! Lloyd Woolacott was nowhere to be seen, so after waiting until 9, we set off to Wharncliffe.

Urban X was on XC descent this time round, so after trekking through to the far end of Wharncliffe after riding from Sheffield, Team Shef Uni/Team Camus Racing just made it before the deadline of 10am and signed on.

The course looked horrifically muddy after rain overnight, and being so late meant only Dave and Joe got a practice run in, with the rest of the boys hitting it blind. In the case of Harry Tate, who had never been to Wharncliffe before, was definitely blind!

After racing kicked off, guess who turned up but Lloyd Woolacott! The classic story of going out for a quiet drink and not knowing how you got home, Lloyd was a true trooper riding there probably still a little drunk on a full downhill bike.

Danny Whitehead was down first, and went down hard into the mud on his first run, coming with a time of 2.33, and his second run improving on that and getting a 2.03, very respectable for a hardtail.

Lloyd went next, being quite hungover didn’t manage to pedal much which was crucial on this muddy course, so put in a time of 2.03, and improved on that by pedalling a bit on his second run, gaining a 1.57 gaining him a 13th place!

Arthur was up, and probably the only person on a dirt jump bike- these Hallamers have no common sense! He put in a solid time though with those miniscule bars, and did Hallam proud with a 2.12

Harry Tate was looking butter smooth on his hardtail, and really showing a lot of these full sus boys how its done on an XC hardtail, going 2nd in the hardtail category by 0.1 of a second with a 1.57.83

Joe Camus was reppin’ his battered hardtail, and looking incredibly wild as always- we thought that him being singlespeed would be a huge disadvantage on this course, but he managed to put out a 1.57.70, taking the 1st place in the hardtail category by a mere 0.1 seconds, with a fair few crashes in his race run. Watch out for this kid, he’s a complete nutter.

Last down the hill was Dave Camus, big expectations after coming 2nd in the last Urban X, managed a 1.43 on his first run, securing 4th place, and smashing another 3 seconds off that to come away with a 1.40 and 4th place overall, only beaten by Jack Bower, Tom Kelly and Josh Lewis.

Overall, a good day- 2 podium spots for Team Camus, and 3 top 15 finishes for Team Sheffield Uni!

Thanks to Trevor and crew for organising it, and Filip Rhys for the photos.

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