Endcliffe Dual Slalom Race Report!

As the second week of lectures began and everyone starts to settle into routine, what comes along but the first UOSCC Dual Slalom Race!

We met on Monday night in front of the Edge at Endcliffe student village, and made our way down to a secluded spot in the nearby Endcliffe Park. Poles were set out and any lights we could get our hands on were attached to them, and slideways action commenced!

After a hefty practice session, the light started to fade and we knew it was time to race- the woods were dimly lit with red lights like a Dutch backstreet, and the smell of friendly competition was in the air. Seeding runs were first, to find the top 16 riders to go through to the knockouts, with Sam Reeve our resident timing cripple overseeing proceedings.

Harry Tate went fastest in seeding, looking so smooth through the poles, whereas favourite old boys Ruari Hallam and Andy Fowles both crashed in seeding and only just making the cut for top 16. Duncan ‘Drunkan Sexpott’ Philpott made the cut without a chain, having sheared his rear mech into 2 pieces riding to the woods.

Knockouts rolled around and there were 16 riders all eager to to get to the final- Andy Fowles and Ruari ‘Bardrag’ Hallam ended up being pitted against each other in the quarters, with Fowles narrowly finding a pass to the semis, with some debating about timing issues…

Battle of the flatmates in the quarters, and with a heated rivalry between these boys, the race between Dave Camus and Danny Whitehead was always going to be a cracker- with Danny slipping a pedal in the second race Dave took the win easily to face Andy Fowles in the semis

Ross Phelps had a storming quarter against Adam Dobson  and narrowly took it to get to the semis. Visiting High Peak Club member Matt Orford had a storming 1st round and quarter to go through to the semis to take on Phelps .


Andy Fowles and Dave Camus got pitted together in the semi final, and it was always going to be close, especially with the light completely gone – there were only milliseconds in it, but Dave went through and onto the final.

Ross Phelps vs Matt ‘HPC’ Orford was the battle of the 456’s in the semi, it was very close but UOSCC’s Ross Phelps just couldn’t hold it and Matt went through onto the final.


The kind of ¬†Final dreams are made of- The HPC Biking Co-ordinator against UOSCC’s Captain Dave Camus. After a lot of loose turns and wild lines, Dave made the cut in both rounds, did UOSCC proud and took the win.


UoSCC Endcliffe Night Dual Slalom on pinkbike.com

Edit by Arthur Kershaw

Just to say a thanks to everyone that turned up, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and here’s to more Ghetto Races!


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