BUCS Racing

The biggest event of the year, the BUCS cross country and downhill races are drawing near so its time for us all to let our competitive sides shine and get racing.

The races are split into two categories, sport and championships, with the top four riders from each university entered into the championships.
This means the (ever so slightly) less competitive sport race is open to everyone, no matter what the bike or ability. The xc has even been done on a 16″ wheeled kids bike…and he didn’t come last!

This year for cross country in the month leading up to the event we’re organising weekly ‘ghetto races,’ which were introduced with great success last year.
These handicapped short course races are great practice and more importantly, great fun. We’ve got a slightly different format this year and some fast technical trails lined up. Bring a bike and your lactic tolerance.

There will be downhill practice races organised at the weekends and regular trips to wharncliffe. These will include a seeding race to select the top four riders for the championships.

Please check the forum for details.

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