Pre BUCS Handicap Races

The student championships (BUCS) are closing in fast so it’ll soon be time to start some race preparation.
Now lets be honest most of us find the thought of training off putting and very dull. So, to spice things up a bit we are going to hold some ‘handicap races.’

This will entail riding a course, hopefully as exciting and technical as possible (non of that fireroad nonsense) with handicaps applied to each rider to ensure a level playing field and plenty of challenge for everyone. So any bike, any ability, its all fair!

Due to the handicap system this will be open to absolutely everyone, whether you’re planning to be ‘in it to win it’ for the XC Championships, doing the sport race in drag, or cruising downhill on your 8″ ‘huckbike’.

Remember, nothing gets you fitter than racing, and even the ‘daahniwwwh’ crowd will get a lot out of it!

As usual, details will appear on the forum in due course, and it should all kick off after exams.

The results from these races may influence the xc championships team selection – only the top four riders can be entered.

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